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We are a dedicated team of individuals who have a shared love of online business systems.

I’m Alexandra! I am the founder of the Grow Collective. I am a passionate traveler, adventure-seeker, and creative entrepreneur! I’m from a small town in California, but my journey truly began while I was traveling in Thailand. I became a virtual assistant, and absolutely loved the work! I love working with fellow entrepreneurs to scale businesses beyond what is possible with hourly consulting. While I have experience in advertising, e-commerce, blogging, social media work, and just about everything else – my real passion is organizing businesses, creating courses, course materials, and implementing marketing strategies for my clients. We also have a few other team members, including a graphic designer and virtual assistant on the team. If you have any questions or would like to know more, you can find out here.

Alex currently manages… my life. She ensures I have a steady (and growing) stream of clients, my marketing is on point, my calendar aligns with my values and projects get completed on time, among a million other projects. has been able to grow RAPIDLY thanks in large part to Alex. I’m able to focus on my most important work because I know Alex has everything else handled. If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or human and want to take your business/life to the next level, HIRE GOOD HELP!

Kyle Elliott

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